Shifting Sands…



As illustrated in “Shifting Sands”, my photograph below, everything is constantly changing and moving, finding new life elsewhere.

Especially, it feels to me, in my life. Fluid. Fragmented. Free.

And even this website, my “SA-positive blog, which has been popping out stories, anecdotes, tales of a ridiculous unicycle marathon ride and the odd photograph since 2009.

So it will be changing… and re-emerging, blinking in the South African sunlight, sometime soon.

In another form, dressed more simply, perhaps suited up in black and white.


700D-grotto sand magic

 Shifting sands.                                              Photo: Fred Hatman


But there will be a glimmer of gold.

A thousand sand crystals, lit up in the pre-dusk hour, blown into its shoes – and every hem and lining – by the great winds which blow though all of our lives from time to time.

As they do. And as they should.

So goodbye to cobwebs.

Bring in the new.