The Last Post


Everything has its own lifespan.

And this website has been in rigor mortis for at least the past two years.

I have simply lost the appetite to feed it, woolly monster that it is.

I never knew what might become but, whatever it is, it has lost its lustre.

I remain “SA-positive”. I love South Africa and understand that our progress, like that of anything, is cyclical.

We have known better times and we have known far worse. And, I know, better times will return. We South Africans still have much to celebrate. And, yes, we have much to learn.

I will always write and I will always photograph. But no longer for the purposes of this “blog”.

I feel that I am at a crossroads, that my creativity is about to find a new path, one that will put a new song in my heart and restore my appetite for wanting to try to show others another way, another way of seeing – and feeling. And believing. A new understanding. Growth. Magic.

I live for the magic, the golden moments that beg to enrich us.

I will – when the time is right – find a new place in which to express all that which demands to burst free of me.

I thank all of you who have visited this website and lovingly appreciate the words of kindness, support and encouragement I have received from you during the past seven years.

I trust that you will continue to pay attention to the beauty that is around all of us all of the time, be it in the wings of an iridescent dragonfly, in the rainbow flare of the sun as it bursts through the veins of leaves… or in the mysterious eyes of a stranger who is so contrary to your experience that you could not allow yourself to believe that such a powerful connection with this person could be possible.



700D-grotto sand magic

 Shifting sands.                                              Photo: Fred Hatman


There is all of this… and so much more.

Please continue to welcome in the magic.

I was reminded yesterday of Susan Sontag’s wise words:

“Do stuff, be clenched, curious. Not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead. Pay attention. It’s all about paying attention. Attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. Stay eager.”

I love that.

Stay eager.

I’ll be back, in some shape or form… with a new eagerness.