A picture every few days… in a SA+ way

I was enjoying a pint of Pride at the Birkenhead Brewery just outside Stanford, gazing at Leighan Pepler’s horses nosing about in the fields over in the valley towards the Klein Rivier mountains when Guinness-black clouds were whipped up on my left… oh, how I miss a good pint of Dublin-brewed Guinness.

Black clouds to the left of me...

... my beautiful mountains to the front. Pics: Hatman Photography

A few pics every few days… in a SA+ way

Unlike most men I’m not into cars. I mean, I get into them – but only in order to arrive somewhere, not to get off over getting my hands greasy while fiddling with all that paraphernalia I only discover under the bonnet when Sipho at the garage fills up the water.

Look, I’ll admit to getting aroused at the sight of certain vehicles, most particularly when a highly customised Landy bounces past on a dirt road but, on the whole, the guy who wrote Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance would classify me as a “romanticist” more impressed by the aesthetics of motorised transport than the “classicist” who spends every waking hour obsessing over what actually makes them work.

My car-romanticism nearly blew a gasket when this absolute stunner turned up in the main road of Stanford this week…

The thing of beauty known as an Oldsmobile. Yes, I know. Please remain calm. I have more…

I said, remain calm! Accelerating smoothly on…

So I had a creative moment and thought I’d show you Terry Haw’s house and a bit of Stanford’s main road as well. Shall we drive on?

Pics: Hatman Photography

Hope you enjoyed the ride. I did. But I don’t have R120,000 to drive this honey away. If you have, pop in to see Erwin at the New Junk Shop in Queen Victoria Street and he’ll tell you, with his inimitable charm and charisma, who to give your dosh to. Just don’t tell him I sent you. Toot!

A Picture a Day… in an ‘SA-positive’ way

I don’t think I’ll introduce an “Amphibians” section to this blog but I can’t resist sharing this little charmer which popped up in my bedroom at Hatman Mansions yesterday… anybody have an idea what species he belongs to?

Sorry mate, I've got the pool covered.


Suzy the cat had her eye on him too Pics: Hatman Photography

A Picture A Day… in an “SA-positive” way

I popped into the Bot River Hotel the other day… now this is a hotel with real personality!

The restaurant was weighed down with tons of fascinating bric-a-brac and this cross caught my eye – in several different ways.

And, of course, I couldn’t leave without taking a tinkle…

Bye! All pics: Hatman Photography